Ploberger Michael



  • born 1985 
  • Trained Machining Technician 
  • Second Apprenticeship Event Technology 
  • Master of Mechanical and industrial Engineer
  • Model making with passion since 1998 

 Fields of activity 

  • Managing Director 
  • Organization  
  • Parts production 
  • Design and developement of engines 
  • Brainstorming  
  • Purchasing, sales, advertising
  • Contract manufacturing 

The topic of model making has accompanied me for many years and the fascination has not diminished. The technology is developing rapidly and so we always try to stay up to date with the drives. The many positive feedbacks at trade fairs and events drive us and confirm us again and again that we are on the right track. I am particularly pleased to be able to practice model building as a hobby with my passion for machining technology in combination.  

 My motto: "do instead of talk"

Thomas Gass

Sales Manager

  • Born 1982
  • Trained Communications Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Model making since the age of 15


  • Sales Manager
  • Consultation
  • Social Media
  • Team pilot
  • Realization of adventurous drive concepts

My first Warbird sparked interest in these engines. During my years as a team pilot, I attended many events in different countries and met great people.

After all, with Ploberger Modelltechnik, I have now also dedicated myself commercially to these engines. A decision that was not particularly difficult for me, because a true-to-life Warbird with in-line engine would be unthinkable for me anyway without "Kolm Engine".

As a pilot, I can assist our customers with tips and tricks at the airport and am always happy about interesting conversations. Because hardly any other drive on the market polarizes more than this brand.


  • Born 1988
  • Trained nurse
  • the good soul


  • Office Manager
  • Accounting
  • Orders/spare parts processing
  • Social center


  • Born 1889
  • Trained Toolmaker
  • Farmer


  • Engine assembly
  • Repair/Service


  • Born 1985
  • Machining Technician
  • Model making since the age of 7


  • Production management
  • Construction
  • Custom-made
  • CAM Programmer
  • Model building Vehicles


  • Born 2003
  • Machining Technician
  • Model making since 2013


  • Parts production
  • Engine assembly
  • Factory Pilot

Ing. Dipl. Ing. (FH) Johannes Reiter

  • Born 1981
  • Avionics Engineer
  • Model builder since he was 6 years old


  • Construction
  • Technical calculations
  • Design


alias "Head of Facility Management"


  • Floor cosmetics

Team pilots

Tom Bogner

T&C Modellflug

Theresa has been flying model helicopters for 10 years since 2005 and acquired the knowledge through her own studies. In 2015 Theresa flew on an airshow in Lower Austria/Krems where her Mikado Logo 500 crashed.

On this day she met Christoph Heider, who has been flying since he was 8 years old. Christoph is a former DJ and has talents as a moderator and sound engineer.

After this event, both went together as pilots to flight events. At this moment, the era of fixed-wing aircraft began, where over time the models became larger and larger.

During this time, T&C Modellflug was created, a page on Facebook where both reports about our beautiful hobby, now it includes several social media channels.

Both have been Teampilots at Modellbau Lindinger since 2017 and since 2018 part of the Kolm Engines Teampilots and from March always on the road to flight events.

One of their biggest highlights in the hangar is a timelessly beautiful 3m Christen Eagle with a Kolm BX240 V4 engine.

Kolm Engines is more than a drive, it's a passion

Heider Christoph

Simon Speigner

The youngest team pilot is also an employee of Ploberger Modelltechnik. Our "Speixi" has been doing model flying since he was 10 years old.
Until 2020 he flew exclusively electric motors in his models and mainly 3D aerobatics. For large models with some adcantages to electric and the fascination to technology, he now operates several gasoine engines in this unique aircraft.
Simon likes to inspire the crowd at various air shows and pilot meetings, like to exchange ideas with people and always lets you take a look at the clean structure of his model!
In the 2022 season, he presented our BX120 V4 in a Marchetti SF-260 at Horizon Airmeet and Jet&Props in Donauwörth.
Simon is currently completing his self-made BEllanca Extreme Decathlon with 3.8m wingspan. This will be fired with the 4-cylinder BX240 and moved from spring of the 2023 season in aerobatics!