The next step is imminent: Our current location is becoming too small, and the new building is already being planned. 

Be part of this unique opportunity to support the Kolmengines brand and become a part of the company's success story. 


Your support gives us the boost to continue creating new projects and products at the new location for you - for your passion.


2835,27 € / 25,000 €

Date: 22.04.2024

This crowdfunding campaign offers everyone the opportunity to contribute and become part of the Kolmengines family. Over the course of the campaign there are several milestones that hold a great surprise at the end. You decide how far you want your support to go. Among all supporters you contribute to it with over € 50, we will raffle off a great prize from our product portfolio at the end of each stage.


In total, prizes of over € 30,000 will be provided. Every donation of € 150 per stage will also receive a limited, specially designed supporter shirt in the right size and will end up in the pot for the respective stage raffle. In the end, it gets really exciting again: a high-priced one-of-a-kind is waiting for a new owner. More on that soon...


This crowdfunding campaign is handled directly by us - Kolm Engines - via PayPal.

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