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Perma-Grit Wedge Block
The wedge shape enables the user to see clearly where they are sanding, and to sand into tight corners without knocking your knuckles. Flat sanding surface, coarse grit one side, fine the other. When placed on their edge, you are able to...
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Perma-Grit Boxed KIT OF 7 rotary...
The FINE ROTARY KIT enables the user to cut thin and fragile materials, as well as giving the best finish, or debur rough cut or sawn edges. Boxed KIT includes 6 Rotary Burrs FINE & 1 Cutting Disc 32 mm with shaft / arbor. Designed to...
€94.22 *
Perma-Grit Large Starter Package 3
WB280 Wedge 45 degree shaped sanding block 280x51mm coarse / fine grit - Sand leading, trailing edges, block sand etc F-102 Flat file coarse grit 230x38x1.6mm - Clean up slots in difficult to reach places, deburr edges etc. R-203C Round...
€123.97 *
Perma-Grit Set of 8 Hand Tools FINE,...
Set of 8 Hand Tools FINE, in a Perma-Grit branded Red Canvas Tool Roll, velcro fastening. Contains:- F101 Flat File, R101 internal grit 13mm Radius File, R200F external grit 13mm Radius File, R201F Angle 75 degree File, R202F 19.5mm...
€84.30 *