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JETI Hand-Sender DS-12 Carbon-line...
New special edition DS-12 transmitter has full-metal precise gimbals and full-metal buttons from the top line of DC/DS-24 transmitters. It also has a carbon front panel. This transmitter is in a new gray color and will be delivered as...
€729.00 *
JETI DC/DS TDx MSW Expansion Module
DUPLEX 2.4EX MSW expansion module for DC / DS transmitters The DUPLEX 2.4EX MSW expansion module for DC / DS transmitters enables the connection of up to six additional encoders / switches, e.g. B. Stick switches. This expansion module...
€39.90 *
JETI console transmitter DC-16...
JETI console transmitter DC-16 multimode 2nd generation C olor display ​​​mp3 support built-in microphone Voice commands (expandable) Backup RF 900MHz module (expandable)
€1,399.00 *
JETI Hand Sender DS-12 Multimode
In addition to the high-quality version in the noble plastic housing, the new hand-held transmitter from JETI offers a large colour display as well as ball-bearing billion units and wear-free hall sensors. The extremely low weight of...
€619.00 *