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Jeti Receiver Duplex 2.4EX R3L
Programmable duplex 2.4EX R3L channel receiver 2.4GHz: bi-directional communication with the transmitter Transfer of telemetry data to the transmitter Voltage display of the receiver supply at the transmitter and adjustable value for...
€74.90 *
JETI Empfänger Duplex 2.4EX Rex6
From €82.90 *
JETI Empfänger Duplex 2.4 EX Rex7
From €89.90 *
JETI Hand-Sender DS-12 Carbon-line...
New special edition DS-12 transmitter has full-metal precise gimbals and full-metal buttons from the top line of DC/DS-24 transmitters. It also has a carbon front panel. This transmitter is in a new gray color and will be delivered as...
€729.00 *
JETI MFlow2 G800 Flowmeter
MFlow2-G800 for models with gasoline motors This telemetry sensor measures the flow of gasoline from the tank to the turbine and can thus display the tank level reliably. The MFlow2-Gas is suitable for models with gasoline motor drive. -...
€224.90 *
JETI Power Ion RB 2600 7-2V
The Power-Ion battery packs are special batteries for supplying the receiver system and the servos in the model. The most important advantages of the Power-Ion batteries are a high mechanical resistance due to their metal cell cups and...
€46.90 *
Jeti Stick button for DC-16
Stick for DC/DS-16 & DS-14: Button
€44.90 *
JETI GPS-RB Telemetriemodul EX
Weight [g] 24 Dimensions [mm] 50 x 30 x 13 Operational temperature [°C] -10 ... 85 Supply Voltage [V] 3,5 - 8,4 Average Current [mA] 40 Memory [MB] 4 Exact information about the altitude and distance of a model in space are extremely...
€130.90 *
JETI Pult black for Jeti hand...
Elegant transmitter desk for JETI hand transmitter DS12 made of black acrylic. the transmitter can be mounted easily and quickly between the plates with a positive fit, falling out is absolutely impossible. The transmitter desk is flush...
€110.90 *
JETI neck strap for DC-16
Neck Strap for DC-16
€36.90 *
JETI Temperature sensor to 300°C...
Designation of MT Sensors are temperature measurements of devices like motors, controllers, batteries and other model accessories. Presentation of the measured data is realized by the JETIBOX terminal and the wireless information...
€52.90 *
JETI DC/DS TDx MSW Expansion Module
DUPLEX 2.4EX MSW expansion module for DC / DS transmitters The DUPLEX 2.4EX MSW expansion module for DC / DS transmitters enables the connection of up to six additional encoders / switches, e.g. B. Stick switches. This expansion module...
€39.90 *
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