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Jeti Receiver Duplex 2.4EX R3L
Programmable duplex 2.4EX R3L channel receiver 2.4GHz: bi-directional communication with the transmitter Transfer of telemetry data to the transmitter Voltage display of the receiver supply at the transmitter and adjustable value for...
€74.90 *
JETI Empfänger Duplex 2.4EX Rex6
From €82.90 *
JETI Empfänger Duplex 2.4 EX Rex7
From €90.66 *
JETI Hand-Sender DS-12 Carbon-line...
New special edition DS-12 transmitter has full-metal precise gimbals and full-metal buttons from the top line of DC/DS-24 transmitters. It also has a carbon front panel. This transmitter is in a new gray color and will be delivered as...
€729.00 *
JETI MFlow2 G800 Flowmeter
MFlow2-G800 for models with gasoline motors This telemetry sensor measures the flow of gasoline from the tank to the turbine and can thus display the tank level reliably. The MFlow2-Gas is suitable for models with gasoline motor drive. -...
€224.90 *
PVC servo strand, 3-core, twisted
129x0,07mm, JR/Graupner, 0,50mm², hochflexibel, 5m, braun, rot, orange
€6.43 *
Electron Linear Actuator SET
A better solution for controlling gear doors STRONG LINEAR TORQUE: Thanks to the design of Electron Retract’s Linear Actuators, they provide a level of linear torque that is unmatched by conventional servos or pistons. QUALITY AND...
From €91.39 *
HEPF Voltario T60 without plug
Features: - without plug - Suitable for Duplex EX, Futaba S.Bus2, Multiplex MSB, Graupner HOTT telemetry (current, voltage, capacity of both battery inputs) - including touch switch function - optional charging of the secondary battery -...
€89.90 *
cable entry PVC 20,2mm
€0.25 *
JETI Power Ion RB 2600 7-2V
The Power-Ion battery packs are special batteries for supplying the receiver system and the servos in the model. The most important advantages of the Power-Ion batteries are a high mechanical resistance due to their metal cell cups and...
€46.90 *
Jeti Stick button for DC-16
Stick for DC/DS-16 & DS-14: Button
€41.90 *
JETI GPS-RB Telemetriemodul EX
Weight [g] 24 Dimensions [mm] 50 x 30 x 13 Operational temperature [°C] -10 ... 85 Supply Voltage [V] 3,5 - 8,4 Average Current [mA] 40 Memory [MB] 4 Exact information about the altitude and distance of a model in space are extremely...
€130.90 *
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