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IL100 V4 inline engine 2 cylinder
The IL100-V4, the smallest in-line engine, is perfect for entering the 2-cylinder Warbird and Scale class. Models with a take-off weight of up to 20kg are no problem for the small powerhouse. The 270° offset crankshaft creates a...
From €2,750.00 *
IL155 V4 inline engine 2 cylinder
The IL155-V4 engine has proved its worth as an extremely reliable drive unit for warbird models with take-off weight up to 25kg. It is also available with a 270° or 180° crankshaft. All versions of IL155 can be equipped with an electric...
From €2,990.00 *
IL150-3 V4 inline engine 3 cylinder
The IL150-3 engine is well-known among warbird fans. It is ideally suited for models up to 25kg. This drive unit features small installation dimensions; it can be equipped with an electric starter as an option, and is available in long...
From €3,900.00 *
IL310 V4 inline engine 4 cylinder
The IL310-4 engine is a true master of power and performance. Its 4-cylinder sound inspires every model enthusiast. The engine is perfectly suited for models with a take-off weight of up to 60kg. It is available in the long and short...
From €6,300.00 *
IL230-3 V4 inline engine 3 cylinder
The legendary IL230-3 engine with 3 Nicasil-coated cylinders is a true power house. It was fitted in the first Galloping Ghost by Otto Widlroither. It is a further development of the IL200 engine, with reduced weight and more power...
From €4,700.00 *