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HEPF Voltario T60 without plug
Features: - without plug - Suitable for Duplex EX, Futaba S.Bus2, Multiplex MSB, Graupner HOTT telemetry (current, voltage, capacity of both battery inputs) - including touch switch function - optional charging of the secondary battery -...
€89.90 *
JETI Expander E2 EX for connecting up...
Expander for the simultaneous connection of up to 2 sensors to a Jeti Duplex receiver Weight: 4g Dimensions: 27 x 14 x 5 mm Temperature range: -10 ... + 85 ° C Operating voltage: 3.2 - 8.4 V Average power consumption : 5 mA Max number of...
€37.90 *
Jeti Tray for DC-16/24
Transmitter console for JETI console transmitter (delivery without transmitter) The fit prevents the transmitter from falling out of the console unintentionally. The foldable retaining brackets protect the joysticks when transporting the...
€98.90 *
JETI cross strap
DUPLEX cross strap for e.g. console of the DC-12 transmitter or transmitter consoles of other brands. It is a so-called cross belt and allows fatigue-free carrying of the transmitter even over long flight times. This Jeti transmitter...
€50.90 *
Elegant transmitter console for JETI handheld transmitter DS-12 made of plastic in carbon design. The transmitter can be easily and quickly inserted into the console, the transmitter console is flush with the transmitter surface and...
€103.90 *
Jeti Satellite for Duplex 2.4EX Type2
This new satellite receiver can be connected as an extension to the following RX of the JETI Duplex System: Duplex R9, R10, R12, R14, R18 and Central Box 100 / 200. There is also the possibility that satellite receiver is conneted to...
€74.90 *
Jeti Receiver Duplex 2.4EX R9 2,4GHz
Programmable duplex 2.4EX 9 channel receiver 2.4GHz: bi-directional communication with the transmitter Transfer of the telemetry data to the transmitter (readable via the JETIBOX) Voltage display of the receiver supply at the transmitter...
€109.90 *
Jeti Receiver Duplex 2.4EX R3L
Programmable duplex 2.4EX R3L channel receiver 2.4GHz: bi-directional communication with the transmitter Transfer of telemetry data to the transmitter Voltage display of the receiver supply at the transmitter and adjustable value for...
€65.90 *
JETI MaxBec2D Plus EX 5-6V / 20A with...
Jeti MaxBec2D EX Receiver power supply from 2 Lipo/Li-Ion cells or 5-6 NiXX Delivery: Fixing material Magnetic Key Magnetic Switch Voltage regulator with electronic safety switch: - safe magnet on/off switch, even if the switch is...
€104.90 *